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Why Endeavor CMO Bozoma Saint John is joining Pencils of Promise as its Ghana ambassador

Pencils of Guarantee as the organization’s new Ghana ambassador—and it may possibly be the ideal pairing of marketing and function.

Founded in 2008 by Adam Braun (brother of Scooter Braun), Pencils of Promise has built much more than 500 educational institutions in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos to serve underprivileged small children. Whilst Saint John was born in the U.S. to Ghanaian dad and mom, she spent years of her childhood in that region prior to relocating back to the States at age twelve. “It’s a best example of when lifetime and occupation converge,” says Saint John. “I truly feel quite substantially bicultural in that I discuss the language, eat the foods at dwelling, and I stop by incredibly normally.”

It is a new situation at the corporation, and Saint John suggests she’s going to be getting some time to determine out just how she can enable as significantly as achievable. Although the firm is recognized for developing faculties, she would like to emphasis on what she calls “beyond the build”—how Pencils of Promise will work with the communities immediately after the educational facilities are built. “I hope my comprehending of the society and Ghanaian men and women will assist increase a lot more being familiar with and make it a lot more personalized,” she claims.

Given her expert expertise as a internet marketing exec at such brands as Beats by Dre, Apple Music, and Uber and her operate with purchasers at Endeavor, Saint John also sees an option to aid catch the attention of new partners, as brand names and organizations more and more require social great to be section of their model ethos and system.

“Utilizing what I know from a marketing and advertising standpoint, comprehension details analytics, comprehension the methods people are incentivized to be a portion of a movement, is some thing I sense uniquely skilled to aid with, particularly at this period of Pencils of Promise’s evolution,” she says. “I want to acquire what I see as the changing experience of marketing and apply it to the small business of Pencils of Guarantee, to enable it have a further relationship with audiences who are searching for this means. It is a really good time to get involved.”


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